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     The Mysore Center of the Builders Association of India, which brings together the various disciplines of the construction Industry under one banner with a National perspective, was started in October 1987. Mysore is one of the most active and vibrant centers of BAI in the country. The organization of the Southern Regional Builders Convention "Dakshina Parva" along with the "Mybuild" Exhibition in 2001 acted as a catalyst in bringing out the best of its potentials, thereby being the high point in our history. From then on, it is no looking back in organizing events like these. We have been recognized as the best center and have won accolades from the Head Quarters by winning the National awards for six consecutive years now. We have been the pioneers in forming a ladies wing “Spoorthi” and “Shilpi” a student’s wing of BAI, Mysore center. Both being first of its kind in the country.


The activities of our center are:

  • Regular monthly meetings
  • Regular "Technical evenings" on various topics related to Construction.
  • Technical visits to places of importance.
  • Regular Seminars and Workshops.
  • Training programs for Artisans, site engineers and Students.
  • Annual out-station tour.
  • Regular family get-togethers
  • Our team plays regular Cricket Matches
  • Community service through "Spoorthi"
  • Excellent Fellowship Amity and Solidarity among our members

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