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  • Organized 'Dakshina Parva', the Southern Regional Builders convention at Mysore In December 2001.

  • Organizes 'My Build' Exhibition of Building Materials every year

  • Formed 'Spoorthi', LADIES wing of BAI, Mysore Centre, the only one of its kind in the whole nation.

  • Formed “Shilpi” – The student’s wing, first of its kind.

  • Formed 'My build fund' , a unique Insurance scheme for members.

  • Organized General Council and Managing Committee Meetings of BAI,  at Mysore, on three occasions.

  • Publishes 'Mysore Shilpi’ - The in house News letter every month. 

  • Organizes “My Realty” a grand property show much sought after by the citizens of Mysore.

  • Organizes a National technical seminar “Build Tech” with eminent speakers speaking on various topics every year.

  • Felicitation to eminent technocrats with engineer extordanaire award every year.

  • Organizes product presentation by noted companies.

  • Celebrates Builders’ Day and recognizes an innovative and path breaking Builder of the center and honours him with the “Builder of the year” award.

  • Won the best Centre for motivating Quality assurance and construction by BAI, HQ, for three consecutive years 1998,1999 2000.

  • Organizes Workshops for Site Engineers, masons - which has become very popular.

  • Won the best center award from past seven years.

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